Impact Funds Initiative

Impact Funds Initiative

Since the start, social impact funds have been at the heart of EVPA’s membership.


What is the EVPA Impact Funds Initiative (IFI)?

IFI is an initiative organised for all EVPA members that either manage an impact fund or have the ambition to set one up. IFI members include independent fund managers, crowdfunding organisations and corporate and family based impact funds.

Impact funds refer to investment vehicles that pool capital and provide both financial and non-financial support to social purpose organisations (SPOs) with the aim to at least recuperate capital and manage and measure the impact of their investments.

IFI is an pro-active community, where we address challenges and opportunities that are specifically relevant to impact funds. We regularly reach out to the broader EVPA members and members of our international family at AVPN, AVPA and Latimpacto when targeting topics that might be of interest to that wider reach of organisations.

More data in our community can be find in the impact funds infographic.

The 2021 Agenda for IFI

This year the mission for IFI is to “mobilise resources for impact. We have defined three focus areas in our agenda for this year:


A major topic that unites most IFI-member is fundraising (of funds). In 2021 we have started the conversation on experiences and lessons learned, regarding this topic. We are speaking with both funds and (potential) funders, both within our member base and beyond. Our goal is to demystify the fundraising process and provide the best support we can as a network of investors for impact. We are proud to present the first ever EVPA podcasts series on this topic of fundraising in cooperation with Ryan Grant Little.


Dealsourcing and dealflow management are time consuming ordeals. Within the community of IFI, we discussed this at length in 2020 during several IFI working groups. The ambition to share deals for co-investment between our members, let to a new, easy to organise and targetted activity: organising a monthly meeting on dealsharing. Always with a member in co-lead of the event being responsible for the sourcing and sharing of good deals. Have a look to this overview of past and future events and deals shared.


What is the professional leadership needed to bring the investing for impact sector to the next level? How diverse is the leadership of Investing for impact funds? How can funds gain and retain the best talent? IFI partnered with Russelle Reynolds Associates to conduct a survey amongst our IFI members on Leadership and Talent in the Age of Impact Investments - see the presentation and read the report.

Benefits of the Impact Funds Initiative

In addition to the regular EVPA membership benefits, EVPA IFI members get the following tailored benefits:

Take part in studies and research to share knowledge and best practices on challenges and opportunities that are especially relevant for impact funds. (e.g. 2020 Survey Impact Funds infographic)

Participate in (online and offline) events and working groups around relevant topics for impact funds. Co-lead an event on dealsharing, talent fundraising (for funds) or any other current issue

Meet with other impact fund managers from all over Europe at our events and meetings or in one on one meetings and our online slack channel with 140 participants.

Showcase your best practices to other impact funds and the wider impact community in events, our dedicated newsletter and via our podcast series on impact funds.

IFI Events 2021

  • Dealsharing sessions around a specific theme for the members of the Impact Funds Initiative to present ventures for potential co-investment
  • EVPA Podcast Series: Fundraising for Impact Funds
  • IFI gathering: once every 3 months, online or offline
  • Impact Days IFI Gathering: 4 November 2021

Previous Meetings and Events

IFI Podcast Series

Contact for more info

Martijn Blom , Manager for Benelux & Impact Funds Initiative Coordinator, EVPA

Nicolas Lahaye , Community Associate, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

Sara Seganti , Senior Manager - Training, EVPA

Gianluca Gaggiotti , Research Manager, EVPA

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