February 14, 2022

Impact-Linked Finance Bootcamp for EVPA Members


How to provide better terms for better impact and support enterprises on their scaling journey

The aim of the bootcamp is to enable funders in setting up an Impact-Linked Finance practice to support social enterprises that are on their way to scaling and optimising their impact. Impact-Linked Finance (ILF) refers to linking financial rewards for market-based organisations to the achievement of positive social outcomes. It is a highly effective way of aligning positive impact with economic viability and lies at the intersection between blended finance, impact investing and results-based finance.

Why should you join?

Financial solutions that directly link financial rewards to the achievement of positive social outcomes can take many forms. They can include direct incentive payments, reduced interest rates, or reduced payment obligations for achieving positive outcomes (as opposed to outputs). This bootcamp offers a unique opportunity to learn how to embed rewards into any financial instrument and how to design enterprise-friendly financing solutions that make impact count.

Who is the bootcamp for?

The bootcamp is limited to up to 12 organisations that will be selected based on their track record with innovative finance and their commitment to the bootcamp programme. EVPA Members who deploy catalytic capital can apply.

This is a hands-on training and participants will be expected to design their own Impact-Linked Finance transactions with the support and guidance of the organisers.

Selection criteria

A selection committee will review application forms and select the participants based on the following criteria:

  • Deploying philanthropic/catalytic capital
  • Willingness to apply the Impact Linked Finance mechanism
  • Commitment to attend all the sessions of the bootcamp

When does it take place?

From 31 March until 17 June (see session dates in the programme below). The (online) bootcamp is structured in three phases and will have a total duration of three months. Phases 1 and 2 will lay the theoretical basis of how to use Impact-Linked Finance and will consist of weekly lectures and workshops. Two assignments will be provided, and their completion will be necessary in order to take part in Phase 3. In Phase 3, the participants will work on their own transaction and will receive tailored support in the form of individual sessions with experts from Roots of Impact.

Bootcamp Programme 2022


Free. The bootcamp is sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) as part of the effort to accelerate the adoption and replication of Impact-Linked Finance.

Deadline for application: 18 March. For more information, please contact Alessia Gianoncelli (agianoncelli(at)evpa.ngo)

The bootcamp is designed and implemented by Roots of Impact, a specialised advisory firm dedicated to making finance work for positive impact on people and planet in collaboration with EVPA.

For more information join our webinar on 1 March at 14.00-15.00 (CET)

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