Dominique Lemaistre

Head of grant making activities, Fondation de France

About Dominique Lemaistre

Dominique Lemaistre started her career in 1984 as administrator of a photographs public order. Four years later, she joined Fondation de France where, to begin with, she was in charge of communication.

She then dedicated herself to philanthropy, first with the handling of charitable funds hosted by Fondation de France and later on, Fondation de France own programs.

As Head of grant making activities, Dominique Lemaistre now supervises the activity of the 20 Fondation de France programs and the 808 charitable funds administered by Fondation de France.

Serving philanthropy for 25 years has enabled Dominique Lemaistre to consider all the foundations and philanthropy stakes in France and Europe, through the very instructive and evolving context of the 1990’s up to today: relationship with private and corporate funders, governance, social expertise in the most various fields, legal and tax evolving rules.

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