Florian Rutsch

Co-Leader, Ashoka Europe

About Florian Rutsch

Florian Rutsch co-created and co-leads the Ashoka Europe Fellowship program including its co-learning modules on system change, new leadership, and wellbeing as well as its ecosystem initiatives on funding and support for systems change. He co-published the report Embracing Complexity: Towards a shared understanding of funding systems change which is a collaboration among leading sector partners and based on, among others, his previous report Seven Steps for Funding System Change.

He is also a co-creator of Catalyst 2030 and a thought partner in the Ashoka Globalizer, Ashoka’s leading accelerator for system change strategies. Previously, he co-founded a youth education campaign reaching 25k people in 35 countries and worked as a social impact consultant. He studied business, economics, and social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, and Kenya.

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