Krisztina Tora

GSEN Lead, Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN)

About Krisztina Tora

Krisztina Tora leads the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN). She is acting as CEO for GSEN: defining the strategic priorities, developing partnerships, overseeing the development of the network and services to GSEN members.

She is the lead-author of the GSEN Report “From Seed to Impact”(2015).

GSEN is the go-to network for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs around the world. It gathers organisations supporting social entrepreneurs in 50 countries, to improve the reach, quality and sustainability of support especially for early-stage social entrepreneurs. GSEN brings organisations together to understand and share what works in supporting social entrepreneurs. It creates a strong community of practice based on evidence backed quality standards. As a result, these organisations become more efficient and are able to support more social entrepreneurs to start-up, grow, become investable and create sustainable social impact.

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