Pascal Vinarnic

Founder, Demeter Foundation

About Pascal Vinarnic

In 1994, Demeter was set up to support incipient and innovative non-profits develop alternative business models helping them in reaching financial self-sufficiency. For about 10 years Demeter focused upon Microfinance in India, Africa and Latin America.

Demeter is now focused upon economic tools for the reinsertion of At-Risk Youth (ranging for handicapped to ex-convicts). As an illustration, they are involved with a social incubator developing programs related to the economic integration of handicapped in Latin America; or with the first dedicated investment fund in NY targeting ex-convicts to help them start their business when they are released from jail.

In parallel to Demeter, he has been running a secondary US-focused venture capital and private equity business for 24 years now – after 10 years as Bain Capital interface for Europe / Bain&Co when I was a partner in their London/Paris offices.

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