Pieter Oostlander

Partner, Shaerpa

About Pieter Oostlander

Pieter Oostlander is founder of shærpa and CEO of shærpa fund management. His professional background is in finance. He worked initially in auditing and later on in the position of CFO, for various international organisations.

In 2004 he switched to Venture Philanthropy and Social Investments and was amongst the first joining EVPA. The decision to switch resulted from his ambition to make societal impact and value creation (in addition to creating shareholder value) a significant part of his professional life. 

He sees it as 'marrying the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of venture capital', and his work with shærpa fund management is dedicated to doing exactly that. Pieter is fund manager of the Benelux focused SI² Fund and InvestMZ which focuses on social care. He is co-opted director in the board of EVPA and also a member of the board of trustees of Social Value International (formerly SRoI Network).

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