Nexus 2017-2018

Nexus 2017-2018

The EVPA’s Policy Nexus 2017-2018 showcases concrete examples of policy measures & initiatives from across Europe in support of social enterprises.

Mozaik Foundation: Supporting young social entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia And Herzegovina Nexus

Mozaik Foundation set up a ten-year strategy to develop the social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in close partnership with public authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The strategy leverages philanthropic, private and public funds to support social entrepreneurs with both capacity and capital. 

Government Outcome Lab

Policy Nexus Uk 2

The GO Lab supports innovative approaches to address social issues by bringing together cutting-edge research, as well as engaging directly with public servants. Its main activities focus on building evidence and sharing best practices around outcome-based commissioning models.

The Third Sector Reform

Policy Nexus It

Following new legislation in 2016, the Italian Government introduced some significant simplifications to the regulation addressing the third sector. 

The Mission Related Investment Pilot Fund

Nexus De

The Mission Related Investment Pilot Fund was established in Germany in 2016 to serve as a proof of concept for foundations to engage in impact investment from their endowment assets

Barcelona City Council social public procurement

Nexus Es

Barcelona City Council’s Decree on sustainable public procurement promotes a socially responsible business model by integrating social measures into the purpose of municipal public contracts.

90/10 Solidarity Funds - France

Fr Nl

An employee savings scheme obliging companies to offer their staff access to solidarity saving funds, which invest between 5-10% of their capital into eligible (unlisted) social enterprises.

Social Investment Tax Relief - UK

Uk Nl

A tax relief measure that offers individual investors a tax reduction of 30% of the value of qualifying investments in social enterprises.

Sociale Innovatie Fabriek - Belgium

Be Nl

A network organisation that incubates and accelerates innovative societal projects, with the aim of supporting and coaching entrepreneurs in developing social enterprises.

Societa Benefit - Italy

It Nl

A legal status for companies whose mission and operations combine the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact for society and the environment.

Portugal Inovação Social – Portugal

Nexus Pt

An initiative of the Portuguese government mobilising EU structural funds to offer financing programs tailored to the different stages of the social innovation life cycle.

SITRA – Finland

Nexus Fi

A public fund with an impact investing pillar encompassing two flagship projects: a social impact bonds fund and an impact accelerator.

ES Fund TISE - Poland


A pilot programme providing loans to social enterprises coupled with free advisory services with the aim of addressing social enterprises’ restricted access to finance.

6zero1 - Luxembourg


The first incubator for social entrepreneurs in Luxembourg supporting entrepreneurs to develop their social impact business and to obtain the new legal  status ‘société d'impact societal’.

Social Capital Fund - Denmark


Social Capital Fund has created an acceleration programme aimed at supporting social enterprises to grow, expanding their labour demand and, consequently, creating the opportunity to hire vulnerable people.This programme is funded through an outcomes payment scheme. 

Erste Group Bank - Austria

Austria Good

A new Social Banking programme from Erste Group Bank  aiming to foster the financial inclusion of individuals with low-income, first-time entrepreneurs and social organisations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Austria. 

Social Entrepreneurship Forum – Sweden


Social Entrepreneurship Forum is empowering growth-ready entrepreneurs across the world through a range of capacity-building programmes. For over 10 years, SE Forum has supported 48 entrepreneurs, across 30 countries including Kenya, Pakistan, Vietnam and Italy.

Generous Minds - The Netherlands

Nl Good

Generous Minds is an innovative private initiative to support social ventures through both consulting services as well as financial instruments, integrated in a forward-thinking business model that is highly scalable and applicable to many different environments and national contexts.

The Housing Bank - Norway

No Good

The Norwegian State Housing Bank is a public agency supporting people facing difficulties to access secure and sustainable housing. They provide a wide array of financial instruments, meant to complement the private capital and real estate market, and work in close collaboration with municipalities.

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