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April 01, 2021


Impact measurement and management (IMM) has become a buzzword in the impact ecosystem and beyond, with lot of studies released in the last years and a variety of on-going debates.

Investors for impact have been true pioneers in recognising the importance of IMM, taking a systematic and evidence-based approach, leveraging impact data collected both at investee and investor level. In our definition of venture philanthropy, IMM represents one of the three core practices (alongside non-financial support and tailored financing), and it is also a principle of the EVPA Charter of investors for impact.

EVPA, as the main repository of data on investing for impact in Europe, developed three dynamic dashboards showing how practitioners are measuring and, more importantly, managing their own impact and the one of their investments. Although investors for impact are diverse in terms of type and financial instruments deployed, a series of commonalities arise from the dynamic dashboards:

  • they focus on defining outcomes indicators, which are much more informative about the quality of an intervention compared to output KPIs
  • they leverage the impact data collected in a variety of ways,
  • some of them also assess the risk of not achieving the expected impact
  • they manage a range of IMM frameworks, tools and indicators

A serious and systematic approach to IMM is a crucial element to mitigate the risk of impact washing, since it ensures consistency on how impact gets measured and managed among different capital providers across sectors. Through this series of dynamic dashboards EVPA renovates its commitment to advance IMM practices and creates a connection with its new research effort aimed to collect a series of practical cases, from where to extract recommendations for practitioners.

How to navigate the dashboards?

Each dashboard contains a series of results and filters that can be selected to personalise the analysis according to each user’s needs and preferences.

If you any question, do not hesitate do send us an email at:

New dashboards are coming soon!

More dashboards will be co-developed with the organisations that shared data with us, which will be able to benchmark themselves against other practitioners based in Europe. If you would like to share your data with us and get access the additional dashboards, please send an email to

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